More jugs and java.

May 26, 2009

This just in – police are hot on the trail of a waitress who was caught in her work uniform outside of the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop.  Apparently, the woman was seen outside of the shop – GASP! – not wearing a top.

Am I missing something here?  What’s there to investigate?  The woman works at the Grand View, so obviously that means she doesn’t wear a top.   Hence the TOPLESS part of TOPLESS COFFEE SHOP.  So she stepped outside for a moment.  Does the D.A. really need to get involved with this?  The report reads, “A state trooper was sent to investigate.”  Yeah, and I’m sure he was loath to the task, too.

So, it’s OK to be topless indoors (as well it should) but not outside?  Men enjoy the right to walk around in public without a shirt.  Why not women?  Seriously, why not women? Aren’t the six-pack abs or shapely pecs on a man as much of a turn-on as a pair of women’s breasts?  Call me stupid, but I really don’t understand why we are so prudish in this society.

2 Responses to “More jugs and java.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    HA HA HA! Right on, Minds! You’ve hit that nail on its head. We are so damned prudish in this country, it’s incredible, isn’t it. When are we going to be dragged screaming into the 21rst century — or is the 21rst century being dragged back — not screaming — into the 19th by the rich, the powerful, the stupid, and the elite who have in the last fifty years been gradually taking over this country. There is still a chance for those of us who want justice but the hour is late. We’ve got to act.

  2. Minds Erased Says:

    Yes indeed we’ve got to act. And it’s not just the rich and the powerful and the stupid that are slowly taking over. Religion’s influence cannot be denied. A little solipsist religiosity goes a LONG way in this country, and, left unchecked, pretty soon you’ve got yourself the makings of a repressed society. I’m sick of religious prudishness getting a free fucking pass in this country, under the guise of “freedom of religion”. People always say things like “It’s a free country” but really, we wouldn’t know true freedom if it bit us on our asses.

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