No confidence = no vote.

October 4, 2008

I think it’s official, folks – none of the bastards are getting my vote this fall. 

I can’t believe that these fuckers who are supposed to be REPRESENTING us – the 75% of us who categorically rejected this bailout in polls – actually pushed this bailout bill through in record time.  My blood pressure has been sky-high all day long.  It’s clear to me now that it doesn’t or won’t matter a damn WHO is elected – because, no matter who it is – Democrap or Repug – they will do whatever the fuck they feel like doing, whatever the mighty dollar and the lobby of this interest or that instructs them to do – and all of it will be over the backs of us poor working class stiffs.  No matter who is president, there will be bullshit wars, bullshit deficits, bullshit shortages in money for things that matter the most – healthcare, education, etc. etc.  Obama is a good talker, but that’s ALL he is.  He would’ve gotten my vote if I’d decided that the whole “democratic” system was even worthy of my participation.  But I can’t vote for anyone who, for example, urged support of this 700 billion dollar fleecing of Main St., and who also categorically opposes things like gay marriage.  I would expect as much from a neo-con like McCain, but Obama?  What is it about blacks and gays?  Why can’t they commiserate and share in each others’ struggles?   Does he really believe that marriage is for people with different private parts, or is he just saying that because many people think that, too, and he’s just looking for votes?  Either way, it’s despicable, and he doesn’t deserve my vote.  Whatever.  I’m done.  I’ve had it.  Actually, I probably WILL show up to vote – but it will be to check off the empty boxes and write NONE OF THE ABOVE in huge block letters (as big as the little golf pencil will allow, anyway). 

I apologize that this is not the most coherent of my posts – but I had to get this out of me in one fell swoop with no editing, or I wasn’t going to get it out at all.   I want to hear from others out there who are as fed up as me.    I think WE are the ones who will make a difference – not these assholes who are begging for our precious votes.

There should, most certainly, be a “none of the above” choice on any ballot, in any election, anywhere.

Dissent should be given a proper voice, a REAL and tangible one… and not just in the form of someone saying “Oh, I don’t vote because the system is corrupt, blah blah blah”. How many times have you heard that? And how many times have you heard the talking heads on TV bemoan the dismal voter turnout rates? Does it really have an impact? As my old man used to say, “If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.” Which, of course, to my sensibilities, is a little extreme – but he’s got a point. I say that if you really want your non-vote to have an impact, it has to be given the proper channel. Which, of course, in this imperialist demo-public we call the U. S. of A., that will most likely not ever happen.

Maybe we need to have another tea party, only this time we’ll dump prop barrels of oil into Boston Harbor.