Some guy, calling himself “Vissarion“, who used to be a traffic cop, is now holed up on a commune in Siberia (and has been, ironically, since the fall of the communist bloc and people were left with a gaping hole in their lives that they needed desperately to fill with some sort of direction and meaning – think there’s a connection?) with a bunch of other Kool-Aid drinking wackos, claiming to be the Messiah.

So, we’ve seen all this sort of megalomania before. (Religion tends to be quite a fertile breeding ground for such nonsense.)

What I’d honestly like to hear from the religious folks is this: Since you all believe that Jesus will, indeed, come again, my question is simply this – how will you know when this has happened? Or how do you know that is hasn’t already happened? These folks in Siberia certainly think he’s the real McCoy. Sure, we may all point and snicker, believers and non-believers alike – but what if it’s all true, and this guy in Siberia really is the Second Coming of Christ? Or, worse yet, what if you already missed Second Coming? What if Jesus already did come back, but was born prematurely and then died, or was stillborn, or was involved in a gruesome car accident when he was a child, or got beaten to death by bullies in grade school? With billions of humans on this planet, it would be easy to miss something.