What I envision is millions of people, casting their votes for no one, in a real, palpable way. How would the talking heads deal with it? They’d be bungling their way through the election coverage: “…well, the earliest exit polls are in, and well, um… they are saying that 78% of Americans voted for, well, ahem, um, none of the above.”

HA!! I would be thrilled beyond imagining if something like that were to happen! But, sadly, it probably never will.

The two party system is so corrupt, so deeply embedded, and either side’s response to anything is so predictable. I am quite certain that the difficulty of ballot access for “third parties” is by design – even that very term is exclusionary and derogatory. Because, let’s face it, folks – the two party system is a money maker for all those pols and political hustlers, no question about it. Yeah, once in a while you have some independent or Green candidate winning smaller, local or state elections, but it meets with a little fanfare, and then, well, it’s business as usual, and the Green candidate gets a bike path put into some city grid, and then political life gets back to normal. No big deal.

I used to believe very strongly that this is where the spark takes hold and fire of change spreads – in those smaller, local elections. But I’ve slowly lost faith in that idea over the years in which I’ve been old enough to vote, and I think the reason that more than half of those able to vote and don’t aren’t showing up to the polls because they understand this idea – they feel completely downtrodden, disgusted and helpless.

Yes, I’ve said this before: my father did used to say “If you don’t vote, don’t bitch” but I am starting to say that if you put someone on the ballot TRULY worth my vote, then I’ll show up. Obama is singing a really timely tune right now, but who knows what kind of change, if any, he’ll bring?

I’ve not yet made up my mind whether or not I’m voting in November. It’s really eating at me. I realize that by not showing up at all is, essentially, helpful for McSame. Certainly, a McSame White House would be shameful – but would an Obama White House, really, be any more desirable or worthwhile?