Another argument for dismantling the two-party system: This week, in Maine, that state’s supreme court overturned a lower court ruling “that said the state acted reasonably in keeping an independent on November’s U.S. Senate ballot. As a result [of the supreme court’s overturning of the lower court’s ruling], Independent Herbert Hoffman’s name will not appear on the ballot in the running with Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democrat Rep. Tom Allen.” You can read the rest of the story from which I’ve excerpted here.

Tom Allen (a Dem) must realize how tough it will be to beat out Susan Collins (the incumbent R), so all stops were pulled in an effort to grab as many votes as possible. The Dems felt threatened, apparently, by this independent upstart, so they shoved the Maine Supreme Court into their pockets, started jumping up and down about some technicality in how Hoffman collected his signatures or some such nonsense, and got this poor bastard kicked off the ballot.

Apparently, Hoffman intends to appeal the decision further, as well he should, if not in an effort to revive his (quite certainly) doomed campaign, but to stand up for the idea of democracy, and to represent the will of those 4,000 folks who signed the petition that put him on the ballot in the first place.