I say let ’em fall.

December 6, 2008

So, the Big 3 are still pleading their case for a slice of the bailout.  Infamously arriving in D.C. onboard their apparently very necessary private jets, they are begging for cash to save their precious industry which, they are quick to point out, provides so many millions of jobs, etc. etc.  They showed up on the Hill again on Friday, this time in cars – the CEO of Chrysler even shared that he drove from Detroit in a hybrid.  Well isn’t that special.

We’re inching closer towards socialism anyway with the federal government now taking up ownership of banks.  Not that I necessarily have a problem with socialism (if it’s done fairly and correctly, and that’s a big if), but the Wall Street bailout is another matter.

But I say, let the automakers fall flat on their SUV-building asses.

You know why?  Because I was always taught that you have to work your ass off to get to where you want to be, but you also have to have foresight and good sense about things.  I mean, why keep cranking out 12 MPG SUVs when the gas prices were hovering around 4 bucks a gallon?  I mean, what the fuck, Big 3 dudes?  Is it just that you like seeing all those big shiny new monstrosities rolling off the line?  Shouldn’t you have been paying just a little bit more attention to the economy and the needs and trends of consumers before the shit hit the fan these past bunch of weeks?   Or how about getting rid of the jobs bank?   I mean, why should the money I work my ass off for be used to bail out an industry that is paying people 90% of their already above-average wage to not fucking work??  (Apparently, the UAW is suspending the jobs bank, but is not revealing any details or timetable about such.  Hoping we might refocus our collective scrutiny elsewhere, Mr. Gettelfinger?)

Our government didn’t go rushing to the aid of the Delta or Continental or Fruit of the Loom or Texaco or Kmart.  Instead, these businesses filed for bankruptcy, reorganized, and cleaned up their act.  Figured out ways to become more efficient.  And guess what?  After a period of chaos and destruction, new jobs emerged.  Imagine that.  All this housekeeping.  Precisely what the automakers should be doing.

Instead, they’re pleading to the Hill about how they’re running out of cash, how millions of more Americans could be out of work.

Um, OK, maybe you’ll have to make fewer cars, which will probably mean fewer dealerships.  I can see some jobs getting cut but… am I missing something, or do I just not see how all these MILLIONS of people aren’t going to be working?  We are all still gonna need car parts, and mechanics, and all that sort of shit.  Even more so, since people in general are short on dough these days, they’ll be buying used beater cars instead, which will need a lot of nickels and dimes dumped into them.  Lots of trips to the mechanic.  So, maybe we’ll need more mechanics!

Or, maybe this will all inspire another look at public transit for everyone.  For instance, how can we make it happen for people like me in the middle of East Fucking Nowhere in rural Maine?  Sounds like there could be some jobs in that.

Or… what about getting all these out-of-work minds devoted to figuring out how to get us all into electric cars instead?  Oh, wait.  Heh.  Already tried that.   Who am I kidding?