As I see it, here’s the gospel truth about god, religion, war, televangelists, xenophobia and American foreign policy all wrapped neatly in a rock ‘n’ roll song. It’s a shame this genius is dead and gone. But, thanks to YouTube, he still lives on.

Frank Zappa was absolutely right (as was George Carlin) in his assertion that the battles over censorship are less about morality and more about words, plain and simple. This is lively stuff, humorous and thought provoking. Long live the memory of this musical and intellectual genius!

Boy, do I miss Frank Zappa.  Not only was he a self-taught genre-defying musical genius, he had an amazing sharp intellect and wit, and he had absolutely no patience or tolerance for blind obedience or censorship or, most pointedly, religion.   Who could forget “Dumb All Over”?   In this spoken word rant, he timelessly sums up American foreign policy with the observation that “the geeks over there don’t believe in the book we’ve got over here” and thus proceeds to describe how we must “rent a nice French bomb to ‘poof’ them out of existence”.  Or, better yet, in his gospel-tinged “Heavenly Bank Account”, he reminds us all of how the folks of the cloth “say grace while the lawyers chew” and “help put the fear of god in the common man” – all of which “makes it easier for them to screw all of you” – “them,” of course, being those shady suits seeking to procure and monopolize public office.

Sure, Frank was an arrogant, womanizing bastard, an obsessive compulsive sort to the Nth degree (I mean, he NAMED each one of this wife’s TOES, for Christ’s sake) – read Zappa by Barry Miles if you want a really great biography of the man that is not too sentimental, and yet isn’t a dry boring read either.

The examples of Frank’s heavy-handed, spot-on and timeless insight are endless.  Stay tuned – and go out and buy some Frank Zappa CDs, will ya?