Ann Coulter is a cunt.

October 18, 2012

By now, everyone has probably seen this week’s highly offensive tweet that originated in the cortex of this supposed paragon of conservative morality and decency.  If not, it goes as follows:

“Last Thursday was national ‘coming out’ day.  This Monday is national ‘disown your son’ day.”

Was she joking?  Who knows.  Maybe a little, but probably not.

Can she say things like this?  Of course she can.

Should she say things like this?  Only if she wants to win the “cuntiest cunt of the cunting universe” award.  But she was already in the running for that post anyhow.

For her to be so cavalier in her attitudes towards a very real scenario that plays out in the living rooms and at the kitchen tables of households all over this planet is quite shocking, even to someone as cynical as I am.

Sad thing is, comments like these from someone in her position of influence over thousands of equally close-minded bigoted cunt-heads will only serve two purposes: to further galvanize said bigoted cunt-heads and to further ostracize the very people for whom one would hope their Christian compassion would instead hope to embrace lovingly.

Then again, who the fuck said morality comes from the bible?  Oh yeah, that’s right – the asshole Christians themselves who for centuries have also used that same ill-authored document to justify and sanction slavery, genocide, rape, torture, incest, murder and other similar feel-good human activities.

Ann, do us all a favor and keep your stupid cunt-head mouth shut and get back to what you do best — which is, well, unfortunately, being a stupid cunt.  Damn.  Well, how about this – have you considered a career in adult entertainment?  I hear that there is a quite a market for it, especially among the sexually repressed religious folk with whom you seem to have a lot in common.   Just sayin’.

4 Responses to “Ann Coulter is a cunt.”

  1. I was reading only today a Lutheran site providing “resources” to parents who want to pray away the gay of their children. The real wonder is that any such parents don’t see what a cunt Ann Coulter is. The cunt position is hardening- parents who still see their children after coming out, presumably, are condoning sin and doing the work of the Devil. So they, too, must be cast out of the Church. They will destroy themselves, you know. It is a shame they hurt other people in the process.

  2. “and to further ostracize the very people for whom one would hope their Christian compassion would instead hope to embrace lovingly.”
    I hate her too. She’s one of the many reasons I’m ashamed to admit I’m Christian sometimes. I love that you as obviously not a Christian are more conscious of what Christians should be doing than many Christians. I don’t know how many time I have to say that the “world” knows more about Jesus than the “church.”
    Though I liked your post I didn’t like it too, because not only is she doing all the things you say, but she’s also giving the people like me who have real faith a bad name. Don’t forget about us. =)

  3. Minds Erased Says:

    Welcome aboard to both of you.
    @sacredstruggler I give it a year before you join the baby-eating atheist ranks. 😉

  4. zeedad Says:

    I missed that tweet, Minds. But I agree with you, Ann Coulter is and always has been a mindless (her “mind” was erased at birth;) opportunist cunt. In fIact she’s six feet of cunt, if such a thing can be imagined. I’ve always found her totally repulsive, yet I know people (well, at least one) who think she’s God’s gift to womanhood.

    Speaking of God, I have nothing against Christians, sacredstruggler, but you’ll find Minds probably your atheist’s atheist, as Minds says, a baby-eating atheist. Curious thing about that baby-in-the-pot profile pic Minds uses. There’s a recipe book shown on the left by Mark Bittman which I bought recently. LOL I did look for a baby-eating recipe but couldn’t find one. Oh well.

    In your sacred struggles, sacredstruggler, have you ever come across Stanley Hauerwas? I haven’t read any of his books yet, and may never, but one of my atheist friends online likes his book, “Hannah’s Child – A Theologian’s Memoir”. Apparently he’s a big fan of Wittgenstein and MacIntyre, even Zizek. My friend claims that sophisticated theologians and sophisticated atheists are not far apart. But he’s probably joking.

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