The triumphant return of jugs and java!

November 12, 2009

Well, he’s done itDonald Crabtree has reopened his Grand View Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, much to the delight of coffee-, freedom- and booby-lovers everywhere.  Granted, his new digs are an office trailer… but who cares? The coffee is flowing, the donuts are glazed, and the women are topless.  Every straight man’s dream, right?

I actually heard a wrinkled, humorless old woman on Wednesday night’s local news say that she thinks Don and his shirtless staff should go “someplace else” like New York or Boston.   Ah, fuck her.  Check out the broadcast here:

While the arsonist who burned down the original shop remains at large (prudish bastard!), it’s heartening to know that Mr. Crabtree is bound and determined to keep plowing ahead.  I say good for him, and good for coffee-, freedom- and booby-lovers everywhere.

One Response to “The triumphant return of jugs and java!”

  1. Mardé Says:

    Yes, I was pleased to hear the news too. They even featured a couple of the girls, capturing enough of their upper torsos to suggest the rest was there to see, on a local TV channel. One girl explained she was happy to get back to work and found it rewarding. Maybe I’ll take a jaunt up there sometime.

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