Swine flu for you fat pig bastards.

April 30, 2009

OK, I have completely had it with the swine flu bullshit.

I’ve got 2 words for all you Chickens Little –  WEST NILE.

Remember West Nile?  How everyone was terrified to get bitten by a friggin’ mosquito?  I was working with a woman at that time who was so terrified of it to the point where I was hoping she would get it and drop dead so I wouldn’t have to listen to her hysterical hypochondria anymore.  I remember telling her, “Listen, I got bitten by about 10 mosquitoes before work this morning.  Chill out.”

How about Avian bird flu?  Don’t eat the chicken?  Or hanta mouse shit virus?

I read in my local newspaper this morning about “4 Tips To Protect Yourself From Swine Flu.”  You know what they were?

1.  Cough or sneeze into your sleeve.

OK, anyone who doesn’t already do this as a simple matter of habit and/or common sense deserves what they get.

2.  Wash your hands often.

Ditto.  And wash your stupid face while you’re at it, too.

3.  Avoid contact with sick people.

No shit!  Really?  I thought it was OK to snog with someone with a face full of mucus.  Ooops.  My bad.

4.  If you become sick, stay home from school or work to avoid spreading germs.

Honestly, do we really need to remind ourselves and each other of this kind of stuff?  Shouldn’t this all be shit we’re already doing already?

You can be sure of one thing, though – the HMOs, the pharmaceutical companies, and the manufacturers of all things antibacterial are making a fucking mint off this thing.

8 Responses to “Swine flu for you fat pig bastards.”

  1. […] Original post by Minds Erased […]

  2. Mardé Says:

    Hey Minds! You’ve been picked up by the Daily News About Events already yet! Pretty good! I just had to LMFAO at your post! And they’re slaughtering pigs in Egypt already! How about the FPBs in America?

  3. Minds Erased Says:

    I know, I’m such a friggin’ party pooper. I mean, what can be more fun than to think about the pandemic death of all humanity? Damn, I need to get a clue.

  4. Life with Butterbean Says:

    Seriously, can you believe this crap?? The Vice President won’t use public transportation and then they brought that international flight down because someone was feeling sick. When the first cases of flu were reported here in our area, the local news started a day long crawl on the bottom of the tv screen and broke into programming several times to report this ‘news’, that someone had caught the f-ing flu. Ohmygodwereallgonnadie!!!! Well, maybe just get diarrhea.

  5. Minds Erased Says:

    Hey, welcome back, LWB. I’m glad you are as incensed about the media feeding frenzy about diarrhea as I am. People just loved to be scared and freaked out, don’t they?

  6. Mardé Says:

    Numbers reversing already yet! Instead of 159 dead it’s 84, instead of 908 cases it’s 397, and people over 60 may be immune! So say the Mexicans. See here. Do you suppose they mixed up the drug cartel statistics with the pig flue statistics?? Poor pigs!

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