Who’s buying this crap?

April 16, 2009

I live in the idyllic setting of northern New England, where crystal clear bodies of water and serpentine rivers rest beneath snow-capped mountain peaks and dense forests.  This setting, of course, brings all kinds of tourists to the area, and the particular region in which I reside enjoys a certain year-round tourist appeal – skiing in the winter; hiking, boating, etc. in the spring and summer; leaf peeping in the fall.  But the one tourist-driven activity that seems to dominate all others is shopping – shop ’til you freakin’ drop!  In neighboring New Hampshire, where there is no sales tax, villages swell with the sprawl of outlet stores, strip malls, five and dimes, T-shirt emporiums, and all other assortment of purveyors of “stuff”.

While driving through one such town in New Hampshire recently, I was struck by the existence of a store called Mattress Giant.  I find it astounding that there is enough of a mattress market that there are stores all over this country – including in rural New Hampshire – that are open for hours each day, selling mattresses. Who are these people who are going out in droves each day and buying mattresses?  Of all things!  Are people really wearing out their old mattresses quickly enough and in enough numbers that would warrant an entire chain of stores called MATTRESS GIANT?

Is it just me, or this is just plain weird?

5 Responses to “Who’s buying this crap?”

  1. Mardé Says:

    It’s just plain weird. Tis a wonder how these mattress people can stay in business these days.

  2. Life with Butterbean Says:

    I just recently spent some time in the greater Phoenix area and I was blown away by the crazy number of shopping centers there. And in every one of the shopping centers there was always a mattress store! I wondered the same thing as you, are there really enough consumers of mattresses to support so many stores?? We spent one morning at a yard sale on one of the Indian Reservations. And at the yard sale was a vendor selling….. you guessed it…. mattresses. Brand new, in the packaging. He had piles of them and was handing out business cards as people passed. Free delivery! And don’t even get me started on dollar stores……

  3. Minds Erased Says:

    Dollar stores, mattress stores, it’s all just one big ploy to get Americans to buy more stuff. Stuff that they probably don’t need, but some slick ad campaign has convinced them otherwise. The mattresses, though, really astound me. A mattress is a major purchase. A significant one. How does one wear out a mattress so quickly? Are there whorehouses tucked away in the hills that we can’t see? Who knows. It’s fun to bitch and ponder about, though, isn’t it? Welcome aboard, Butterbean.

  4. Jose Guzman Says:

    1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, you would think that one would consider a mattress one of the most important purchases. Without mentioning bedbugs, have you ever wondered where your dead skin or your sweat goes when you sleep? A television lasts about the same time as a good mattress, if taken care of properly, but no man will complain about a electronic store.

  5. Minds Erased Says:

    Thank you kindly, Jose, for your insight. I hadn’t thought of a mattress purchase in quite this way. Welcome aboard!

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