Inside all of us is… poop.

April 14, 2009

Ever read Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi as a kid?  Or to your own kids?  Well, whether you have or haven’t, enjoy this silly little laugh to brighten your day, or perhaps to knock you off of your self-made pedestal – it’s simply a reminder that you are all full of shit.


4 Responses to “Inside all of us is… poop.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    Good one, Minds! Yes, everyone does, in fact must!

    The Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, Maine, offers many examples. In fact I just happen to have a photo of one:

    taken at the Fair back in 2003, and likely made by an Ox. I felt the symmetry was good which may prove I’m full of shit too!

  2. Mardé Says:

    oh oh, that photo didn’t come out! well, here’s the link:

  3. Minds Erased Says:

    Marde, you are a very very very sick man. Glad to have you around.

  4. Mardé Says:

    Sometimes ya just gotta get the poop out.

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