Enough already!

January 22, 2009

I’ve officially had it with the Obama-worship.

It was getting a bit sickening during the election, but come on.  He hasn’t even been the prez for 48 hours yet and I swear that people are going to declare a national moment of reverence for every time he has to take an Oval Office shit.

The only reason I voted for him was to vote against McCain.  That’s it.  Not a big Obama fan.

And stop comparing him to Reagan!  Of course, I’m no fan of Reagan, but let’s get real here – Obama’s socialist tendencies would have that old geezer turning in his fucking grave.

Yeah, I admit, I watched a little of the inauguration.  Online.  At work.  All I saw was the tail-end of Rick Warren’s little homage to the baby Jesus, I saw Aretha and her ridiculous hat, I saw Joe get sworn in, I saw Yo Yo Ma, I saw Obama fuck up his oath, I heard his speech, and that was all I needed to see.  No 2 MPH parade in the limo, no first dance, no luncheon, nothing.  Who cares about all that shit?  That’s bullshit is not newsworthy.

I admit that it’s a big deal that this country elected a black president.  But let the man get to work, for chrissake.  And first on the fucking list should be finding a treasury secretary who doesn’t cheat on his own taxes.  Agreed?

Hope over fear, change you can believe in, blah blah blah, yeah yeah, sure sure, buddy.  Now you and your Clintonites are in.  We got it.  Once the country gets over its little “happiness hangover”, I think it’s gonna be business as fucking usual.


7 Responses to “Enough already!”

  1. Minds Erased Says:

    Oh absolutely, we certainly have come a long way, and it *is* good that the country is coming together in something that is positive (hopefully) rather than negative (like the examples you mentioned). I am just saying that, listen, the guy is human, not some super-human. Let’s just see what happens. I really do think finding a better treasury secretary is a serious issue. We’re in the midst of an economic crisis, and appointing some tax evader isn’t exactly “change you can believe in”.

  2. Mardé Says:

    Oh, c’mon, Minds, give the guy a break. How the hell do you know he’s a tax evader? Naive as I am I suppose, I take him at his word that it was an honest mistake. Oh, you say, someone heading the IRS is not supposed to make mistakes on their own tax returns. Why not? Everyone makes mistakes. Geithner admitted his mistake, described exactly how it happened, and apologized for it. He’s not being hired to do people’s tax returns. He’s being hired to run the Treasury department of the United States and he’s had a lot of experience, being currently head of Federal Reserve’s regional bank in New York. You can read about his qualifications here.

  3. Mardé Says:

    That link I gave above explains how Geithner neglected to pay his back taxes which he is now paying.

    But I think the real issue about Geithner is whether he’s going to be the anti-Paulson and make the banks become responsible for doing the right things with their 350 billion and their follow on 350 billion. It sounds like he might, based on this article from the Guardian, but of course we don’t know for sure.

    The article describes how he got a four hour grilling on Wednesday, and then got approved by the committee 18 to 5, with the five antis being all Republicans. He said he supports regulation of hedge funds, something that even the Democrat Charles Schumer failed to support last year. He said that banks should be required to provide detailed information on all their lending patterns broken down by category, something the Paulson group did not do. He provided a 102-page response to questions from the Senate Finance Committee.

    But we still don’t know whether he’ll be tough enough on the banks. He will if Obama makes him; we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, this is where I’m coming from on the Geithner issue.

    And on Obama, well, again, we’ll just have to wait and see. I watched Bill Moyers interview Thomas Frank and David Sirota tonight on Public Television, and their hope is that Obama will not compromise policy for the sake of getting 80 votes in the senate, but instead stick with fully progressive policy and maybe pass it by picking off a few Republican votes. He should act as though he has won because he has in fact won by a landslide. Again, we’ll just have to wait and see!

    Sorry for the length of this comment!!

  4. Minds Erased Says:

    Don’t apologize, Marde. I would never want you to censor yourself. Your comments are always welcome, no matter the scope. But let’s be honest – I can almost guarantee that if Geithner had been appointed by a Republican president, then you might be singing a different tune. You might sound a little more like I do, wondering about this guy’s tendencies. Of course he’s going to say it was an honest mistake! Wouldn’t you, if you had a shot at overseeing the largest checkbook on the planet??

    Am I being overly suspicious and unforgiving? Perhaps, but you know me – I’m an equal opportunity offender. I don’t trust most of these bastards. I have no loyalty to either the Democraps or the Repugs.

    I am encouraged by the whole no Gitmo, no torture stuff. So far, Obama is doing alright. But can we please stop peeping in his goddamn windows at night on the evening news??

  5. Mardé Says:

    ha ha! Peeping in his windows. Yes, I agree, the media thinks it has to do this because they can’t spend time on serious discussions — might offend somebody, some of their sponsors.

    But I’m probably naive in that I don’t think “they’re all crooks”. They’re politicians but also people.

    Yes, if Geithner were a Republican, I might go after him because of his tax problem. But The media loves to do this. See the “Nanny problems”. These things are all trivial! The real questions are what are they going to do in office?

    That’s why I spent time trying to find out what Geithner would do as Treasury secretary to get the country out of its mess — not the Republican way, but the Democratic/Progressive way, hopefully the Obama way.

  6. Mardé Says:

    Well, I see the Senate confirmed Geithner as Treasury Secretary. He even got the support of ten Republicans. But three Dems and one Independent (Bernie Sanders) voted against him. Perhaps I was too hasty in pooh-poohing Geithner’s tax problems. I respect Bernie Sanders a lot, and also Tom Harkin and Russ Feingold who also voted against him. Perhaps Obama could have found someone else equally competent. I was probably too hasty. Ah well, too late now to beat myself over the head and shoulders about it. (Well, I could still do that. ha ha ow ow)

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