You can’t just “pray the gay away.”

January 10, 2009

I’ve stumbled upon an organization called Truth Wins Out, who, according to their website, are “fighting right wing lies and the ‘ex-gay’ fraud”.  Sounds good to me.  I found one of their videos on good ol’ YouTube, and I was nearly moved to tears when I watched it today.  It is revolting – yet not at all surprising – that the Mormon church (among others) has encouraged gay people to marry someone of the opposite sex in an effort to “cure” them of their homosexuality.  Lester and Barbara Leavitt have a much different, much sadder story to tell.  As you’ll see in the video, “isn’t it time we stopped destroying families in the name of Family Values?”  For lack of a better word, amen to that.

2 Responses to “You can’t just “pray the gay away.””

  1. Mardé Says:

    Yes, that is a powerful video statement. The woman says it all: we are who we are supposed to be and not something other. She feels the truth of this through bitter experience. So, again, religion has caused more pain than any kind of joyfulness.

  2. Minds Erased Says:

    You hit the nail on the head, Marde, once again – religion and its illogical and morbid fixation on sex have caused more pain and suffering. And for what? Really, for what??

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