Church is the bigger gamble.

December 13, 2008

I’ve been a little busy these last couple of days, so the blog topics have been piling up in my brain.  Let’s get to work, shall we?

Up here in Maine, we’ve got this seedy little place called Hollywood Slots where people go and piss away their hard-earned money taking their chances at the gaming machines.  Customers can do this every day of the week – but not on Sunday mornings, that is, if the bible thumpers up here get their way.

For now, the rules state that the casino can open every day at 8:00 a.m. except for good ol’ Sunday mornings, at which time the wretched, sinful gamblers must wait until noon to start at it.   Maine’ Gambling Control Board gave initial approval this fall to making opening time 8:00 a.m. across the board… but, yep, you guessed it – the Lord’s mighty army has stepped in and plans to storm the gates at the GCB meeting on December 10 to make their point.

What is their point?  Well, one of the pastors, a one Reverend Jerry Mick of the Bangor Baptist Church, told the Bangor Daily News that “Sunday morning should be the Lord’s day… [i]t’s a sacred time.  Most [Christians] in America who attend worship services worship on Sunday morning.”

OK, this is all predictable, right?  Jerry also happens to be the president of an evil organization here called the Maine Family Policy Council, whose mission is to “provide high quality educational content for groups and churches.  We promote good citizenship and family values through worship and praise, high quality multi-media and public speaking.”  So, in that spirit, Jerry also told the BDN that Hollywood Slots was fighting against local pastors, which are, in his estimation, one of the greatest support systems of people struggling with a gambling addiction.

Oh, OK, Jerry.  So you’re just concerned about the welfare of people’s souls, and about the holiness of some arbitrary day on the calendar?  And who gives you the right to tell a private business how to run their affairs?  I don’t see the Hollywood Slots people telling you what time to hold your fuckin’ prayer meetings.

Think about it.   This doesn’t really have anything to do with god, or the baby Jesus, or the welfare of people’s souls, does it?  So, why else would this guy and others like him be making a huge stink?  Ostensibly, yes, they want to appear as though they care about people – and some of them really do.  But this greasy asshole Jerry Mick rolls with some pretty unsavory characters – the same people who wanted to ban the Teletubbies, for chrissake.

This whole thing is about money, plain and simple.  Casinos rake in millions of dollars.  Hollywood Slots wants to have these hours of operation extended so that they can bring in more revenue.  Plain and simple.  Regardless of your feelings about gambling, at least these guys are being honest about their aim.   Personally, I think gambling is a waste of time and money – but I have no moral objection to it.  But if people are lured into the casinos on Sunday mornings to have a little fun, then that means *GASP* they aren’t filling the pews – or the collection plates – in church.

Gambling, yes, pisses away money and time, two things many of us could afford to have more of.  But church?  Where you leave your mind, intellect, reason and critical thought processes at the door, abandoning all to think only of some guy that’s been dead for 2,000+ years already and pay a tenth of your bread to some guy in a robe who, in exchange for your money, tell you what to think and how and when to think it?  Shit, man.  Church is the bigger gamble, don’t you think?

2 Responses to “Church is the bigger gamble.”

  1. seev78 Says:

    Hey, it looks like Maine’s Gambling Control Board got zero comments on the proposal of the Hollywood Slots to allow the 8am Sunday opening of the slot machines. Where was Jerry Mick back on November 25, the previous deadline for comments? Now in its meeting on Dec. 10 the GCB has been pretty generous in allowing the comments window to be extended for another 21 days, but requests the comments in writing. It’s interesting that the Catholic Church refuses to interfere and join Jerry Mick and the local pastors’ campaign. Good for it. Let’s keep church and state separate.

  2. Minds Erased Says:

    Yeah, imagine that! For once, the Catholic Church is doing the right thing!

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