Can we finally admit there are too many people?

December 9, 2008

Is it just me… or is there a fact which is just screaming for attention and everyone’s too afraid to say anything?

We’ve got a failing auto industry begging for money.


Well, largely because people aren’t buying enough new cars.


Because they’re really fucking expensive!

Well, get a car loan.  Lots of people have done that.

Can’t do that.

Why not?

Well, because, really, all the banks overextended themselves to get Americans, whether they deserved the credit or not, into mortgages that many of them couldn’t afford.

Why would they do that?

Well, ostensibly, to appear as if they want to help Americans “live the American dream of home-ownership”.  In truth, they’re a bunch of greedy bastards.

So, get a second job to pay for a car.

Can’t do that.

Why not?

There aren’t enough jobs to go around right now.  This country is losing jobs.

Why not?


So, what do we do?  Start killing people?

No, just live simply, drive a beater, try and keep the job you have, and stop having so many fucking children!

Yes, this is a little bit tongue in cheek, but, of course, there is a little truth in every joke.

6 Responses to “Can we finally admit there are too many people?”

  1. benjaminvallen1 Says:

    Lol. how about we stop exporting our jobs to China before we start a Holocaust! 😀 easier solution. But if we HAVE to kill off a bunch of people, let’s start with all the liberal, socialists asshats that are destroying our country from within!
    I’d be careful joking about this though. There are environmentalists around the world who believe the solution to global warming and pollution is to kill of 4 Billion people and that will fix it. Wow.

  2. Davis Says:

    Just watch how many slick car ads are on TV during football games, and you get some idea of what’s going on here. Check out the Dodge Ram with Wifi that can drive through an explosion — that’s real handy.

  3. Nathaniel Says:

    And when the economy was booming under Clinton I guess we should have put out all the children possible.

    Of course there is the strange possibility that the economy will rise and fall based on decisions that don’t relate to if we chose not or to have children.

  4. Minds Erased Says:

    Benjamin, I agree that we need to stop shipping the jobs overseas. But then we’d all have to stop buying shit at our precious Temple of Wal-Mart.

    Hey Davis, the only car ads I’ve seen lately are for Toyota. Those guys must be laughing their friggin’ heads off at the Big 3 beggars.

    Nathaniel, what can I say? You’re right. I’m just having a little dark-humored fun this morning. If you like my brand of humor, stick around for a while.

  5. seev78 Says:

    That’s right, Minds, there are too many fucking people and not enough fucking jobs. But hey, this may be bad but it’s nothing compared to what it’ll be fucking like by the year 2050. Take a look at the Wiki on Overpopulation and you’ll see a prediction of 11 billion people in 2050. That’s not quite twice as many people as we have now (6 billion). So, I guess it’ll be almost twice as bad in 2050 as it is now. That’s terrible!

    What’s the solution? Kill all the liberal, socialist asshats? OK, benjaminvalleni? These scum are proliferating everywhere, especially now that BO’s been elected. I confess I’m a member of this hated group, but, hey, give me a break! I’ll be gone long before 2050, and in the meantime I’ll try not to father any more fucking kids. Deal?

  6. Minds Erased Says:

    Wow, seev78, you got some pent up aggression there. Heh. I too find myself at times in agreement with that same hated group myself, so count me among the throng who are deserving of death.

    Yeah, the breeding is just out of control on this planet. Let’s get the missionaries to hand out IUDs and condoms instead of bibles, and you’ll start seeing what real humanitarianism looks like.

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