Bailout rant, part 2

October 7, 2008

OK, OK… so I don’t understand this whole bailout thing academically, so perhaps my criticism of it is unfounded.

However – I think I understand it morally, and it just ain’t sittin’ right with me.

Perhaps I don’t understand what all the ramifications are of the bailout – whether we really need it or not, what would happen without it, etc. etc.  Would there really be another Great Depression?  Would people – heaven forbid  – have to start actually conserving a bit?  As in doing things like combining errands in order to reduce fuel consumption, or turning off the fucking lights when you leave the room, or turning down the thermostat at night, or baking bread from scratch rather than buying it in the store?  (Heh, these are things I’m already doing.  Go figure.)

Or am I being too simplistic here?  Are people losing their shirts and their life savings because of all this mess with the banks?  Did that man in California wipe out his whole family because of economics?  Or did he just have a screw loose in his head?

A part of me wants to see society, as we know it, come to a screeching halt.  I’m not sure why, but I think it’s more just a desire for some general shaking up of things.  Call me crazy, but I think we Americans, as much as we bloggers (and others) like to bitch about our country, we do have it pretty easy.  We’ve got our cable TV and our iPods and our box scores and our porn and our processed foods and we just don’t want to have to sacrifice a damned thing for the next guy.  “Do unto others before they do unto you, but wave the flag and put a magnetic yellow ribbon on your SUV and eat an animal that you shot with your own gun, or I’ll call you a socialist hippie bastard.”

But, Christ – $700,000,000,000 – look at all those zeroes – that’s a whole bunch of money to be tossing around.   OUR money.  Money for which many of us worked our asses off, so that these fat-cat banks can sell off their bad loans to the government.  Too many people are living above their means; they’ve bought into the “American dream of home ownership”, and now they don’t really “have” anything except for a mountain of debt they can never hope to dig themselves out of.  How dreamy is that?

Even though a majority of Americans didn’t want this bailout, here we are, staring down the barrel of 7 tenths of a trillion dollars worth of saving the fat cats from their greed-fueled, dim-witted lending practices. Oh, but the government will swoop down and save us.  That’s what the Democraps all want us to believe, right?  Government will help us (even when we don’t want the help).  And the Repugs, they don’t like all the government interference.  But isn’t it all of their resistance to oversight and rallying for deregulation that got us into this mess?

I need some direction here.  I feel like just saying “fuck it” and moving to Canada.  Hell, I live in Maine, which is so close it should be part of Canada anyhow.  Cessation from the Union, ah, now that’s another can of worms.

4 Responses to “Bailout rant, part 2”

  1. […] Perhaps I don’t understand what all the ramifications are of the bailout – whether we really need it or not, what would happen without it, etc. etc. Would there really be another Great Depression? Would people – heaven forbid – have to …[Continue Reading] […]

  2. Mardé Says:

    It’s not sitting right morally with me either, Minds, and with a lot of other people in this nation. The populist anger is spreading, and well it should! It’s OK to try to fix the economy by getting rid of credit default swaps and other derivative instruments, which helps Wall Street and business in general to get back into business, but where’s the support for homeowners facing foreclosure, where’s the extended bankruptcy reform to actually help little people, and where’s the extended unemployment insurance, where’s the new stimulus package aimed at working people? Hardly anywhere!

    Hey, you’re not being simplistic. That guy in California may have had a screw loose but I bet he wouldn’t have carried out his massacre if his finances hadn’t so impossibly dire. The propensity was there but the environment knocked him over the edge.

    You appear to be way ahead of a lot of people, Minds, including me, in the area of environmental awareness and self-sufficiency. Ah, to bake bread from scratch! Well, I at least buy 12-grain bread, but it does cost me.

    Yes, we sure as hell do have it pretty easy in this country, especially the rich who are more and more separated from the rest of us. But even the rest of us tend to, as you say, Do unto others before they do unto you, and many believe in Hurray for me, and piss on the next guy!

    But hey, Minds, have a little pity on some of those homeowners. A lot of people have struggled hard and against all odds to get their dream homes, and to have them taken away now by unscrupulous and oblivious wealthy lenders is indeed a miscarriage of justice in our haves versus have-nots society.

    And finally as a Democrap myself, I would like to see the government swoop down and start controlling and regulating things for the common good like they do successfully in Europe, or at least try to. The Repugs are the ones who label any reformers, as you say, socialist hippie bastards, or as Atrios likes to say, dirty fucking hippies!

    Finally, finally, your vote for “none of the above” might even enable a certain cretin bitch by the name of Sarah Palin to become president, and before that enable John McCain to set up the Supreme Court to overturn Rowe vrs Wade, prevent decent health care in this country from ever happening, and get us into a nuclear Armageddon! These things would be far, far less likely to happen under an Obama presidency. In matters of life and death like the present, it’s safer to play the percentages. Your choice is clear!
    😉 🙂

  3. Mardé Says:

    Christopher Hitchens goes for Obama over McCain.

  4. mindserased Says:

    Yep, I saw that. Still trying to twist my arm, aren’t you? 😉

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