What a gas.

August 14, 2008

Perhaps this is akin to the Prosperity Gospel that the mega-church pastors/hypocrites are always flapping their gums about, but I think this sort of solipsist idiocy takes the cake.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Rocky Twyman, the Pray At The Pump activist.

This man and his many followers sincerely believe that the falling gas prices are a direct result of the prayer circles being held in gas station lots all over the country. This idea is inspiring Church of Exxon pray-ins all over the place:

I know, what does it hurt to have a few people standing in everyone’s way at the gas station and selfishly ask god, who should already be aware of what people want and need and grant it in such a magnanimous way, to help people keep more of their money which they can, in turn, donate to the churches who sponsor these pray-ins – donations, which, after all, are a way of showing thanks to god for lowering the gas prices. Do you see what’s happening here, people? Opportunism. I’m quite sure that these lecherous church leaders are finding a way to reach even further into these people’s pockets, all glory to god. Give me a break.

One Response to “What a gas.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    Leave it Fox News to actually bring this guy in for an interview. But hey, they seemed to be having a good time singing! Maybe they should call it the Fun at the Pump movement. This might attract even more of the unwitting masses, who knows? What a way to grow a church!! (and make big bucks for the pastor) Too bad Vassarion can’t apply this in Siberia! HAHAHA

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