T minus ad nauseum and counting.

July 8, 2008

So, Dubya has less than 200 days left on the job before retreating to his ranch in relative obscurity and looking over his presidential library plans (what on Earth will they circulate – Ranger Rick magazine??).

I haven’t spoken at all, really, in this forum about the upcoming elections, except for my very enthusiastic support of a NOTA option on the ballot.

Wanna know why? Because ever since the 2000 farcical election in which 5 people elected the American president, I’ve become more and more disillusioned with the whole process. I haven’t yet dropped out of voting entirely, but I’m really damned close.

It’s a shame, too – I used to be one of those annoyingly enthusiastic granolas at the polling stations at EVERY election, signing up new voters, getting signatures for various referendum petition drives, and spreading the good, pie-in-the-sky idealistic news about the right to vote, and how every vote matters. I used to get so angry at people for NOT voting. But in 2000, I traded in my Birkenstocks for a firmer middle finger – and, aside from begrudgingly voting every year, only because I haven’t yet had the heart to completely abandon my highest ideals, I’ve barely looked back since.

Yahoo! news reported today about which candidate dog and cat owners prefer. I mean, really. Who gives a shit? If this is the “depth” of MSM coverage of something as important as electing the person who’s finger is on the world’s biggest trigger, then I’m one mouse-click away from saying “fuck the whole process.”

As far as I can tell, Obama and McCain are both snake oil salesmen – Obama’s only more handsome and a better public speaker. These 2 are the best that the corrupt two-party system could summon? (Perhaps I just answered my own question.)

Someone – anyone – please give me one GOOD reason why I should vote at all this year. I eagerly await your responses.

10 Responses to “T minus ad nauseum and counting.”

  1. catchthevision Says:

    It’s tempting to say “because so many people gave up so much so you can vote” but when it seems you can only become President if you’re fabulously wealthy, I can see why you would struggle.

    From across the pond, I’ve been trying to work out just why America is so independent minded. I put this in my blog “Happy Independence Day, USA!” and I’ve already had some interesting comments.

    I wonder what you think?

    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  2. Mardé Says:

    Wow, Minds, I can understand your frustration! I too was very disillusioned when the Supreme Court, led by that Scalia guy, essentially elected Bush president. It was a tragedy of the first order as the results of the last seven years have shown. Things have been going downhill in many areas, too numerous to mention. It’s gotten to the point where almost no one in their right minds (unerased;) wants to risk running for public office. But some do still. McCain and Obama may each be snake oil salesmen, as you say, but I think Obama is at least less of one than McCain. I shudder to think what would happen if McCain somehow got elected. We might have a chance with Obama but with McCain think what might happen to the Supreme Court, not to mention Iraq. Would Obama be any better? I’d have to say yes. Just my $.02.

  3. Mardé Says:

    Yes, Minds, you are exercised about our lousy system and prefer NOTA. But the headline that really irritated me this morning is this one: Wall St set to drift lower as oil rebounds on Iran. The part that irritates me is “oil rebounds on Iran”. Who is pushing the price of our oil up? It’s the Bush and Cheney crowd with their totally needless war-mongering over Iran which causes Iran to respond by testing missiles. See. for example, this.

    McCain supports Bush in his threats against Iran, whereas Obama will talk to them. There IS a difference between Obama and McCain. I will vote Obama, not NOTA because I think it’s too dangerous — it might elect McCain.

    Interesting comment, caththevision. I’ll check your blog next, and tell you what I think.

  4. Mardé Says:

    Another reason to support Obama over McCain and/or NOTA:
    Iraq’s leaders now in agreement with Obama, and vice-versa, about our leaving Iraq. For further details see here.

  5. mindserased Says:

    So, in other words, vote for Obama because, well, he’s the least of the evils up for consideration? I can certainly understand how people could use their vote for one asshole to counter the advance of some other asshole. My whole gripe is this – is this what we’re all willing to settle for? I’m believing more and more that the system is SO irreversibly corrupt that no amount of “grassroots democracy” and “change we can believe in” is going to amount to squat.

  6. Mardé Says:

    OK, we’ll just have to agree to disagree, Minds. I can’t accept that Obama is an asshole, or a phony as you imply. (Maybe I said he was less of one than McCain, but I didn’t really mean that, just trying to be agreeable, I guess, by bending over backwards.) I’ve read parts of Obama’s books, and also his stands on most of the issues, and I accept him as a real-world politician who of course is ambitious, yes, but really wants to do something to help America, in the real world, and get elected. That’s the world we have. He knows that. Who would you propose who would be better? OK, NOTA. But seriously, who do you think should or could be elected in America? Hey, look, we’re in a real world with real world problems. It’s best to live in it and not ask for the impossible or the ideal world, which will never be achieved and exists only in our imaginations. Say, that’s almost like believing in God!

  7. DD Says:

    You should search YouTube for Noam Chomsky’s ideas about all this. I don’t have any short links at the ready, but if you have an hour to kill and are interested in the Israel/Palestine issue, check this out.

    His speech is interspersed with the points about the futility of playing the game when the elites set the rules. We need to start setting our own rules.

    And besides, no matter how popular Obama is, he’ll be illegitimate.

  8. Mardé Says:

    Again, we’ll just have to agree to disagree — or maybe not, I don’t know. But I don’t believe the elites set the rules and that we need to start setting our own rules. Please tell me who the elites are and then who the “we” are who are going to set our own rules. And in no way do I accept that Obama is illegitimate. Tell that to the thousands of idealistic netroots people who made him popular. Not that I agree with everything Obama says! Juan Cole yesterday has some friendly criticism of Obama. I’ll read Juan before I’ll wade through Chomsky. Finally, let me say again that I’m not a purist but more of a pragmatist. So, that’s it at my end.

  9. DD Says:

    The elites are whoever sets the exclusionary rules of discourse. It certainly isn’t “we the people!” We’re not going to silence ourselves. I can’t give you names, there’s no cabal meeting in secret, a la the Bilderberg conspiracy theory. It’s more organic than that. If you’ve got power, you encourage boundaries that protect that power. And the more you’ve got, the more successfully you can protect it. It snowballs like that.

    A perfect example, by the way, is the Constitution itself. As much as it enrages me to see it violated by rogue politicians, the fact is that it was set up to protect rich white man, to the exclusion of everyone else. It has only recently been extended far enough to give everyone a voice. But elites have other means of covering their asses and running the show.

    Obama will certainly be illegitimate, the numbers don’t lie. There is no plausible scenario where he will be supported by the majority of Americans. If you think a president can be considered legitimate otherwise, then you must think they were legitimate before women’s suffrage, to cite the most obvious example (HALF the population!). I don’t think they were.

  10. […] people here in the blogosphere and in my day to day life know how I am torn about whether or not to take part in the political process anymore. Some of these people try to extol the virtues of either Obama or McCain – and I know damn well […]

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