Knee jerk.

June 19, 2008

There is war in Iraq; there are thousands of people displaced by floods and earthquakes. So to what did the talking heads on the national news devote precious airtime last night?

Tiger Woods’ fucking knee surgery.

Honestly, does anyone really give a shit about this, other than Tiger and his immediate family and friends? Obviously I don’t wish the guy any harm – but do we really need, as a nation, to hear about it?

It reminds me of back in the 80s, when I was a kid watching Live Aid and I was SO excited to see U2’s performance – which was then interrupted by news of Ronald Reagan’s colon polyps, reported in excruciating detail. Two words – justifiable homicide.

And anyway, golf is a bullshit “sport” anyway. Sure, I used to go the driving range as a teenager and whack at a bucket of balls, but to devote thousands of acres of prime real estate and even more countless thousands of dollars to the hitting and following and hitting again and following again of some little white ball? Elitist, pompous, self-important white-guy bullshit.

3 Responses to “Knee jerk.”

  1. DD Says:

    It’s why I’ve nearly cut TV out of my life completely. I started cutting back when reality shows started becoming huge. I didn’t like the trend from creative entertainment (shows with writers, actors, directors, scripts, plots) to voyeuristic entertainment, where you just stick a camera in front of your neighbor and watch him do…stuff. Boring stuff. Inane stuff.

    Then it continued to devolve, into the sort of reality-game-show genre, where everyday schlubs compete to become insta-celebrities. That really irked me, because I’m a big fan of talent, especially musical talent (as you clearly are). It used to be that such talent emerged naturally, because it was true talent, extraordinary talent. Now, it’s just ordinary talent, like a friend who’s got a decent voice but has no business selling out arenas. Yet, because of the format, somebody’s got to win. Sadly, it seems that culture is losing.

    You’re right. Tiger Woods’ knee surgery is utterly meaningless. So is Britney Spears’ custody battles, and Paris Hilton’s escapades. But that’s what America wants. I’m beginning to think it’s all they can handle. It’s tempting to blame the media, but I’m not sure it’s correct to do so. Look at the Tim Russert coverage since his death: political news preempted by continuous coverage of the (admittedly untimely and unfortunate) death of a political moderator.

    I’m now limited to a few educational shows, mostly science/history/politics and the like, with a smattering of news. I get most of my information on the Internet now. The depth of coverage online is superior to TV anyway.

  2. mindserased Says:

    I hear ya. It’s not called the boob tube for no reason. As I’ve written in my post about American Idol, I, too, am convinced it’s all people can handle, and also that people glory in others’ failure. It’s a sad state of affairs – but as I often like to joke, not everyone can be as smart as we are. 😉

  3. Mardé Says:

    Good, mindserased! Not everyone can be as smart as we are. 😉 Ayup. And DD, I too get my news mainly from the Internet. But I usually enjoy the Daily Show plus Steven Colbear, where fake news is real news!

    A real tragedy would be if Boobus Americanus elected John McCain president. I do think it makes a difference who is president. Look at who Ralph Nader elected in 2000….

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