My life as a Mike Patton fanatic.

June 17, 2008

I brushed the dust off my copy of Faith No More’s The Real Thing this past week, and it’s been in constant rotation in my car CD player. Here’s a tasty nugget for all you infidels. I especially like the little Public Enemy touch at the end. Enjoy!


6 Responses to “My life as a Mike Patton fanatic.”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I miss Faith No More. They had some great stuff.

  2. mindserased Says:

    I miss ’em, too. And they were a hell of a live act to boot, as was Mr. Bungle.

  3. DD Says:

    What ever happened to Jim Martin? Back during Faith No More’s heyday I remember watching a televised concert where they played a bunch of old school metal (Black Sabbath, etc.), and he was just tearing shit up. He’s an underrated guitarist, IMO.

  4. mindserased Says:

    Yeah, Jim Martin was fantastic. The last I knew, he had some project called The Behemoth, but that was ages ago.

  5. egoassassin Says:

    YES!!! Best ever. What a shame that music these days is so pathetic when compared to some of the old epic creations from patton! Cool blog man.

  6. mindserased Says:

    Hey egoassassin, it is indeed a shame that music these days is all about product rather than about, well, music.

    Glad you’re diggin’ the blog. Don’t be a stranger, now.

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