Neo-cons gone wild.

June 7, 2008

Once in a while, I’ll turn on conservative talk radio to get an idea of what the wacko conservatives currently have their nuts in a bunch about. Much to my surprise, Friday night, loud mouth talk jock Rusty Humphries was interviewing Joe Francis, the founder and CEO of Girls Gone Wild. Joe was discussing his recent jailing, a jailing that was enforced illegally and unconstitutionally by the hands of some corrupt officials in Panama City, Florida. You can read the whole story here:

First of all, it was quite a shock that Joe would be given as much friendly air time on red state radio as I heard last night – I tuned in in progress and heard about 20 minutes of what remained. Most of the conversation was spent discussing the particulars of his case, which you can read at the above link. True to form, however, Rusty got his little jab in at the end (of course, leading into the top-of-the-hour break) about how this type of entertainment exploits women. If there was more to the interview, I didn’t hear it, and I’m admittedly too lazy to seek out any archived footage.

But here’s the deal – does pornography and other adult entertainment exploit women and sexuality in general? Absolutely it does! No question about it. (Don’t record companies exploit musicians and songwriters, and movie studios exploit actors in the same way?) But there are women lying up around the block to be photographed for Playboy, or to fuck in front of a camera, or to flash their tits for Girls Gone Wild. These are all activities that women seek out. Willfully!! And why is that? Well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s fun and exciting and liberating. Maybe it’s good money. Maybe they’re young and they love their bodies and they just want to show them off. I mean, why not? I think it really is that simple. As a society, we exploit sexuality in lots of subtle ways – TV commercials, print advertising, you name it. So, why not a little NON-subtle exploitation? For the sake of sheer pleasure? I’ll drink to that!

Are there instances in which women are forced or otherwise coerced to perform sexually for the camera, instances in which they are exploited in the very vilest form? Of course, and those instances should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But come on – some tight young “aspiring actress” looking for some Hefner cash, or a couple of college girls showering together during spring break? I thought this was a free country.

But the neo-cons and the bible-thumpers can’t stand idly by and allow people to fully express themselves sexually, or even to sit at home on a Friday night and jerk off to Wildest Bar in America. And did you ever notice, on Fox News especially, that whenever some playbook neo-con talking head is railing against the attacks on family values, they show all kinds of sexy clips on their B-roll? Check out this video if you don’t believe me:

And speaking of immorality – isn’t there something a little immoral about someone who bases their moral code on a book that advocates slavery and incest having any say whatsoever in my private affairs?


2 Responses to “Neo-cons gone wild.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    OK, Minds, I’ll grant you that some young women, maybe even older ones, enjoy displaying themselves, and if they make good money doing it that’s an added inducement. But such a thing clearly has its risks, its real dangers. The girls have to careful not to get sucked in, so to speak, too far and suddenly find themselves blackmailed or otherwise coerced into more extreme situations, unable to extricate themselves from a path to debauchery and addiction. Well, I guess you would agree this could happen but nevertheless you feel the girls have a right to some pleasure and kicks, especially if it can help career advancement. OK, good. And your point about the hypocrisy of the smug right wingers is certainly right on. What a funny and telling video with the ironic title, Fox Gone Wild, instead of Girls Gone Wild! Keith Olbermann sure has fun interviewing Robert Greenwald about this so obvious FOX News hypocrisy as the very scenes the FOX guys complain about are being shown by them in nice detail.

  2. mindserased Says:

    Marde, I agree that streetwalking, as we know it right now, is a dangerous profession – but so is being a firefighter. People who choose a certain profession should choose to do so knowing all that the job entails, what the pros and cons and risks and rewards are. I think because prostitution is illegal, women (and some men, mind you) find themselves engaged in this “line of work” as a last resort in their lives. However, in some European countries, sex workers are organized, they have health benefits, and they are very well informed about their profession. Can you imagine it? Some people shudder to think of it, but I think that’s a great idea.

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