Turning over a new trick.

May 29, 2008

Here’s something else that should be legalized everywhere besides Sin City – prostitution.

Think about it – why should it be illegal for someone to pay someone else for sex? I mean, you don’t necessarily hire a novice plumber to fix your leaky sink.  If all you want is sex, why not hire someone to satisfy you if it’s something the prostitute happens to have quite a lot of experience doing?

And how is that any different from some blonde gold-digger bimbo entrancing some old sugar daddy with a lot of scratch? (Remember Anna Nicole Smith?) Or some guy spending a lot of money on his date, and then that date feeling somewhat obliged to put out? In that case, there is a lot of gray area there – lots of potential for misunderstanding. With prostitution it’s very cut and dry – you are paying someone for their expertise. Where’s the misunderstanding in that?

With all the pressures that most people are under, is a little release too much to ask for in this world? Apparently so.

Why isn’t it legal? Once again, religion is to blame. It has reared its disgusting head over all things sexual since time immemorial, wielding its claims of god’s round-the-clock Big Brother-style celestial surveillance, purporting that this same god figure actually cares about what we do with our own genitalia. And since most human mammals blindly accept this as fact, fear about partaking of any “immoral” sexual behavior ensues; hence, shame has been attached to all things sexual in nature, wherein any frank and open discussion about sex anywhere is reduced to giggles and reddened cheeks.

6 Responses to “Turning over a new trick.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    OHMAGOD, Minds! You are the “very model of a modern libertarian” (see Gilbert & Sullivan)! Ever thought of running for VP on the libertarian ticket? As Bob Barr’s running mate?

    Well, seriously, I of course have to agree with you again. But hey, Europe is NOT like us. They have their prostitution, especially in Nederland, which is mostly legal. It’s this damn country which has the puritanical culture. It’s disgusting and hypocritical. If this were Europe, Eliot Spitzer would still be governor, that is, if New York state were there instead of here.

    Of course, women would really have to want to become prostitutes and would need to have all the protections that are required. The pay should be commiserate too, which it of course would be if prostitution were truly legalized. I believe in Nederland the prostitutes have many rights. But in this country, forget it! And so, here the crime rate is high.

  2. Mardé Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention: clever title too!

  3. mindserased Says:

    Right. Prostitution should be a career that women want to get into if they so willingly choose. And, once again, because of our shame-based puritanical culture, being a hooker is seen as this terrible, last-resort sort of thing. In my opinion, the man who spends his life down in a dark dreary coal mine doesn’t degrade himself any less than a woman who feels desperate and feels she has no choice but to sell herself to make the rent.

  4. Mardé Says:

    Yes, in our culture she’s forced to degrade herself if she has to do this to make ends meet. And even if legalized it’s a dangerous profession — like coal mining — because of the risk of disease and the risk of over aggressive men. They would need bouncers on call and be paid quite highly. Men should not think they’re getting “free nookie”. Unfortunately they’d be expected to pay a goodly sum.

  5. Mardé Says:

    Pay a goodly sum, that is, unless it were government subsidized. Imagine getting that through congress: government supported whore houses!

  6. mindserased Says:

    Yeah, heh. Those pious members of Congress would probably line up in droves to pay their goodly sum! Actually, more likely, they would end up getting the middle class to pay for it, as is their custom to have their lives subsidized.

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