Mike Patton = genius.

May 20, 2008

One topic that I’ll most certainly be beating to death from time to time is my absolutely maniacal adoration of Mike Patton. Check out just a slice of his genius here:

Where could I ever begin with this man, to try and educate those who do not know of his greatness? Let me sum it up this way: I was talking with my friend Eric, another fellow Mike Patton fanatic, and I asked him, “Just what is it about Mike? Why do we love him so?” To which he replied, “Why do Christians love Jesus?”

Bible thumpers – I can almost relate to your willing suspension of reason and logic. ALMOST. (Now I’m getting off topic. More on that later – just watch the damned video.)

One Response to “Mike Patton = genius.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    OHMAGOD! This guy is wild, wild, wild. Singing into that complicated looking inhaler right from the start cracked me up. Those high pitch words, and then he lets it hang by his side and sings or speaks into the mics looking like he’s almost swallowing them. I’ll have to listen to that again. This is something new for an olde guy like me. Geez, Minds, what a diff from that “religious music” I brought up on my blog. I’m embarrassed I guess. Wow! Well, thanks for this.

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