What’s next, a ban on winking?

May 17, 2008

So… those “defenders of marriage and family” are at it again.

We’ve all heard the argument before, the taken-out-of-context verses from the O.T. book of Leviticus, the “it’s not natural” refrain, the divinely shepherded ones who say “Well, how are are you gonna have MORE gays?”, etc. etc.

I think the thing that slays me the most is that the emphasis is always on FAMILY, on procreation, on more more more little screaming human mammals (who, incidentally, through no fault of their own, will need to be educated, fed, housed, clothed, educated some more, employed, cared for, made comfortable for retirement, and then eventually embalmed and buried – or cremated, if that’s your fancy). So, it seems that these evangelicals would have it that, as one Catholic I know personally put it, “every couple be open to the possibility of children whenever they, AHEM… you know…” Which of course means no birth control. I’m not telling you anything you haven’t heard before.

So, that’s the problem with gay sex, I’m assuming. It doesn’t create anymore screaming human mammals. Wait a sec…. that’s sex without consequence.

Oh, the FREEDOM!!!

The evangelicals are JEALOUS!! THAT’S what the deal is!! If only THEY were allowed to dupe god that way.

So… THAT explains all those silly sodomy laws, which are still on the books in places.

And that means, of course, that any oral sex is out of the question – and that explains why masturbation has been deemed so evil.

So… what about men or women who are infertile? Who CAN’T have children? Are they then not allowed to enjoy any sexual pleasure for pleasure’s sake? And what about post-menopausal women? Or women who have had hysterectomies? What does the church have to say about all of them?

Someday, hopefully, we’ll look back and say, “There was a time when we had laws against certain human mammals marrying the human mammals of their choice.” Who cares what’s between your legs? It’s what in your heart that counts.

3 Responses to “What’s next, a ban on winking?”

  1. Mardé Says:

    Quite a rant, Minds. And I’ve gotta say, “Right On!” The hypocrisy of those extremist preachers is unbearable as well, for how many of them end up getting caught committing the very sins they spend time, and get money, railing against? A pretty large proportion of them, that’s how many!

    Your last sentence, Minds, is especially right on. Here’s an example of a person with heart, a person from a free religion called Unitarian Universalism. Check her out. Her name’s Kate Braestrup.

  2. You said it brother!

  3. […] know I’ve written about this before, but I really can’t understand the logic of not allowing gays the right to […]

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