One stop shopping.

May 15, 2008

This is organized religion in a nutshell – a man (most often) wearing a shapeless costume (kinda like a judge, now that I think of it) standing in front of a group of people and telling them, “OK, folks.  Put your money down, and in exchange for it, I’ll tell you what to think and when to think it.”

It really is that simple, when you boil it right down.  Religion is one big business, my friend.  Just follow the money and watch it get swallowed up and disappear into the ether called “your charitable tax-deductible donation”.

More later.  I promise.


One Response to “One stop shopping.”

  1. Mardé Says:

    Hey Minds Erased, have you seen the blog on Debunking Christianity? It’s got some great stuff on it written by an ex-Christian and with several other contributors.

    Also, want to see some mad preachers coin’ after yer soul? Check this on my blog. Excuse the self-promotion. 😉


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