Jesse’s got it right.

May 15, 2008

There should, most certainly, be a “none of the above” choice on any ballot, in any election, anywhere.

Dissent should be given a proper voice, a REAL and tangible one… and not just in the form of someone saying “Oh, I don’t vote because the system is corrupt, blah blah blah”. How many times have you heard that? And how many times have you heard the talking heads on TV bemoan the dismal voter turnout rates? Does it really have an impact? As my old man used to say, “If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.” Which, of course, to my sensibilities, is a little extreme – but he’s got a point. I say that if you really want your non-vote to have an impact, it has to be given the proper channel. Which, of course, in this imperialist demo-public we call the U. S. of A., that will most likely not ever happen.

Maybe we need to have another tea party, only this time we’ll dump prop barrels of oil into Boston Harbor.

6 Responses to “Jesse’s got it right.”

  1. 7utu Says:

    IN some countries you are required by law to vote. You don’t have to mark your ballot with a candidate choice, but you have to come to the polls. I agree with you. We need that option. Lots of people would turn out for that option.

  2. Mardé Says:

    Well, this is all well and good, but where are you going to find all these people? Yes, there are many like you who agree the whole system is rotten and must be changed. And then again there are many more squares like me who choose to vote and do believe there’s a difference between the two parties in the U.S.ofA., recognizing at the same time that enormous improvement is needed.

  3. Mardé Says:

    Let me apologize a little. My comment above bordered on the snarky I think. I do agree that many thoughtful people are totally disgusted with politics in America, and they should be. I’m getting more and more that way myself. But I still think it’s worth participating. Everything is relative. Nothing is absolutely bad or good. The best we can do is make incremental improvements. But in the last forty years or so, ever since Reagan, things have gone downhill in this country. The disparity between rich and poor has gotten much greater. It’s never been as great as it is now…. Oh well, I could go on and on, but I think I’ve been hanging around long enough for now. Thanks for the interesting new blog, Minds Erased. 🙂

  4. Shoshanna Says:

    While I do most certainly agree that “none of the above” should be an option– particularly given our choices this presidential year!– you should keep in mind the fact that if “none of the above” prevailed in November, we’d have to go through this hellish, endless, and apparently pointless primary season all over again. And I’m not at all sure that any of us could stand to do that.

  5. 7utu Says:

    In countries where you have to vote, the candidate with the most votes wins, but the dissent from all registers. What politicians can claim now is that Americans are just apathetic or too lazy to show up. Maybe that’s true. I don’t know. But if “none of the above” were an option or something that registered dissent, then we’d have hard data about whether it was apathy or disgust. I see an awful lot of people blogging about politics and other major issues in our culture. That doesn’t suggest apathy to me.

    I agree that there need to be end results!

  6. […] I haven’t spoken at all, really, in this forum about the upcoming elections, except for my very enthusiastic support of a NOTA option on the ballot. […]

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